iPad Pro Bags

Just a few notes on the bags I have around me and how they work with the iPad Pro.

Depending on how you look at things, one of the best or worst things about switching computers is finding the perfect bag once again. I had found it with the MacBook, but the iPad Pro has sent me down the rabbit hole once again. Here’s a couple sentences on how the iPad Pro fits in each of the bags I have kicking around my closet.


Of course the iPad Pro fits in the GR1, it’s a big laptop compartment, but I will also say the iPad Pro fits better than the 12″ MacBook. The MacBook always felt like it moved around, whereas the iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard kind of sticks in place.

This is sure to be the backpack I carry the iPad Pro in.

Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase

I’ll have a full review on this bag soon (this week), but since I have been testing it, I have found it one of the better sized bags for the iPad Pro. It’s just about as physically small as a shoulder bag could get while still housing the iPad Pro.

There’s plenty of room to spare for your accessories, but not much room for any niceties. It’s a barebones bag, but still the best of the bags I have as far as sizing goes for the iPad Pro.

Tom Bihn Daylight Backpack

I don’t have a vertical Cache sleeve for the iPad Pro — only the horizontal version, so I couldn’t fully test the Daylight Backpack. I can say it will fit just fine, so the Daylight Backpack will continue to be a good choice if you want either a barebones backpack, or something to stow inside a larger bag and use when you get to your destination.

Line of Trade Shoulder Bag

As I mentioned in my initial post about this bag, it is seriously wide. As such it swallows up the iPad Pro without a problem. It’s a handsome looking bag and very cheap.

I wish the iPad didn’t slide about so freely in it — but it’s no worse (better with the Smart Keyboard) than the MacBook is in the bag.

Incase ICON

The bag is overly huge for the iPad Pro, but it will certainly house it just fine. In fact if you are carrying two iPads (a Pro and one smaller) they will each have their own padded compartment to ride in.

It is still the backpack for the person who carries everything with them.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L

The moment I saw the iPad Pro next to my MacBook I knew I was in for disappointment — there’s just no way it will fit in the Bullet Ruck. Even without any sleeves on it, it is just too wide and then you would have it in there with no protection.

Even though I absolutely love this bag, it seems highly likely it won’t get nearly as much use as it was getting now that my main computer doesn’t fit in it. That’s a shame.

Booq Tiapan Slim

I wrote about this bag a while ago, and still have it kicking around. I was surprised to see how well the iPad Pro fits in it. While you can’t buy the model I currently have, they do have a newer version which would also fit the iPad Pro.

I’ve not tried the newer version, but it looks neat. I will warn about durability issues I’ve had with just about every Booq product I have owned. So don’t expect a bag from Booq to hold up nearly as well as a Tom Bihn or GORUCK bag. That said, they are well padded and look sharp.

Things to Try

The Hard Graft Skinny iPad Case/Sleeve looks fantastic, but I won’t be trying it anytime soon. I did order a felt sleeve from Etsy and I will be posting about how that goes — but it’s taking forever to get here.

I also have a couple more bags to report back on as they come in over the next month, both which I hope can be suitable iPad Pro backpacks — they are smaller than the GR1 and more for short excursions to the coffee shop.

So far, for my money, I am doing the Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase for a small bag, and back to the reliable GR1 for everything else with the iPad Pro — even if it is a bit overkill.

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