Month: February 2016



  • The James Brand County Pocket Knife Review

    I wrote a little pocket knife review for Tools and Toys on the James Brand County knife. It’s is simply gorgeous.

  • 43 Words You Should Cut From Your Writing Immediately

    Great post and advice.

  • Android Encryption

    Jose Pagliery: Although 97% of Android phones have encryption as an option, less than 35% of them actually got prompted to turn it on when they first activated the phone. Even then, not everybody chooses that extra layer of security. This is entirely a messaging and opt-in problem. Encryption should be on by default and…

  • Dumbshit got hacked mid-air while writing an Apple-FBI story

    Steven Petrow: That was last week, when the standoff between the FBI and Apple seemed much more about principle than practice to me. That’s when I thought I’d write a column on whether this legal fight matters to regular folk — people like my mother, a retired social worker; my best friend, who works in…

  • The $500 Freewrite Word Processor Is Pretentious Hipster Nonsense

    Christina Warren on the Freewrite(the entire post is a must read if you ask me): Yup. You know why I think this product really upsets me? I buy everything. Like, seriously. I buy everything. I’m every horrible stereotype you can think of of an early adopter crossed with a label whore. I’m actually the worst…

  • The Upside of Changing the Way an Apple Pencil Works

    A change with potential.

  • iPad Arm Fatigue

    Stephen Hackett on the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Cover: All that said, if you can get used to reaching up and tapping the screen a good bit, using the Smart Keyboard is a much better experience than I first thought it would be. I’ve seen this repeated a fair bit recently. The idea that using…

  • Reign of the Algorithm

    James Shelley: Writers, remember: the more we play the algorithmic game, the more the algorithmic game plays us.

  • We Are Now at Peak TED

    Steven Levy on TED: Like Obama in his last term, TED seems to have run out of fucks to give. It’s doubling down on its TED-ness. 🙄

  • Instagram Ads: Too Much?

    Om Malik on Instagram ads: Great ads are actually great fun. I mean, the best parts of the Super Bowl are the ads and talking about them on Twitter and Facebook. But bad ads are just bad. They distract and they disappoint. And a lot of advertising on the internet is dumb and boring and…

  • Thoughts on Twitter

    I personally like to say everything service is dying, as in the long run I will be proven more right than wrong.

  • Studying Business

    Joshua Taylor presents an interesting case for designers learning business. I was talking about this the other day with a friend, about how it is a shame that every college, or high school, student isn’t required to learn basic accounting and business principles. It’s the foundation of most societies and helps everyone at any level.…

  • Finding Good Content

    Let’s stop supporting sites who pump out shit, and let’s pray AI comes to our rescue.

  • Quartz News App

    I recently wrote about how I’ve slimmed down to just three apps for my news consumption. However Quartz News came out with a new app yesterday and it is fascinating. It’s news delivered via a chat like interface. Basically it gives you a headline (you can click to read) or prompt for more information or…

  • A Samsung Printer

    It’s quite a good printer.

  • On Medium’s Release Notes

    Casey Newton on Medium’s bullshit release notes: Over the past year, the duo have tried to rein themselves in. “The most common blowback we get is from people who want to know what’s in the release,” Fisher says. “They hate these because they have no idea.” So, by their own admission, their release notes don’t…

  • Control Centre Is Fine

    Riccardo Mori: You can’t make everybody happy, but with Control Centre as it is today, Apple has made sure that every iOS user can find a certain degree of usefulness. Not an easy balance to achieve. I use the piss out of control center — and I have to say it works nicely for me.…

  • iPads for Writing

    Good post from Watts Martin, responding to my post about the compelling features of iOS. He does have one part I disagree with: I confess this strikes me as akin to those “As Seen on TV!” commercials trying to convince you how much time you’re wasting by not using their in-shell egg scrambler or electric…

  • Fifteen Hundred Words and Stop

    That’s not a review, that’s a fucking howto manual.

  • Shot on iPhone 6s World Gallery

    Immensely proud of my wife for being one of the 41 photographers Apple has included in the latest gallery and campaign. (I wonder what my daughter will think when she grows up, knowing Apple promoted an image of her.) The images in the gallery are great. There’s some great articles out there about the campaign…