Some Long Term Updates

Looking at some of my favorite items I still use, and how they are holding up to use.

I figure now is a good time to share some long term updates on a few items I’ve kept using. I kept it to only things which I still have in my possession, because if I dumped it then the update is “sell it”. This is not a new review of these items, just a quick blurb on how they have stood the test of time and what I think about them today.

Filson Original Briefcase

You can read my original review here from 2017, where the key takeaway is: “Sure they (Filson) created new bags for those, but they kept this bag, as it was, and in doing so they made a statement: perfection was reached here.” I still love this bag and use it a lot. Before the Pandemic it was what I used for about 85% of the trips back and forth to the office.

I have no complaints about this bag, and the thing still looks new. I can’t believe it doesn’t look more beat up than this. The only issue with it right now, is that it is a touch too small with my need to bring a lunch from home to the office. Not completely incapable, but not the easiest for that. I see no reason to not continue loving this bag. It really is the perfect distillation of features. Still recommend it. Buy here.

Benchmade Proper

You can read my original review here from 2018 where I ended the review calling the knife “simply fantastic”. That holds for me today. It’s still one of my most carried knives and something I really like.

While I am not about to part ways with this knife, slipjoints like this are seeing a nice resurgence (or maybe I am just noticing them more now?) and as such this has started to feel a bit heavy and bulky for me. But, it is among the most useful of this type of knife I own, and really no reason not to grab one. The thing here is that while the Proper is heavier than other options, it has a better handle and balance because of that. It’s a tough rope to walk. But if you want a true gentleman’s knife for opening letters or packages, there are slimmer/lighter options. If you want a non-locking, non-threatening, knife that could replace other EDC style blades — this is a very compelling option. I know there are areas where a locking blade isn’t allowed, and if I lived in those areas this would replace my locking blades. Buy here.

SureFire Titan Plus

You can read my original review here from 2019, a mere three years ago. I ended that review saying “I don’t think I’ll keep carrying this light as my daily light, however it will be the light I always travel with.” Well that was a load of bullshit. I carry this light more than any other. It has tons of wear on it. That Massdrop/Drop AAA light kept getting turned on in my pocket and ending up with dead batteries so I quickly moved to the Titan.

I love this light more today than the day I wrote that review. It’s simple and well done. It’s never had a battery problem, never been dead when I needed it, never turned on accidentally, and lit my way more than its fair share. Could it be someone’s only flashlight? Likely yes. This thing is aces. It’s expensive but it really kicks butt, the only other light close for me is the Beta QR, but that light doesn’t have the raw output, which I prefer in a smaller light for most cases.

Buy here.


I’ve written many reviews, starting in 2012. I don’t need to recap these and write much more. I still have the first GR1 I bought, I still love it, it still is holding up just fine. I’ve bought many more over the years, not because I needed to replace my first one, but rather because that is how much I love this bag and I just wanted more colors.

None of this has changed. I could have this be my only backpack and probably be just fine. Well, maybe not mentally, but practically just fine. A lot of people work up to buying this bag, and then kind of stop — I get that for sure.

Buy here.

Wool&Prince Button Down Shirt

My original review here, from in 2016. I love this shirt so much it spawned me co-founding a site about this type of clothing. I have 3 of these, and maybe have had a total of 5 over the years (that original one I wore holes into because I wore it so much). These shirts are pretty close to perfection for me. Even today, I love these shirts and wear them a ton. I take one with me on almost every trip I take.

You should really be reading Everyday Wear.

Outlier Futureworks

My original review here, from in 2016. The thing about these pants is that I think there was a full 6-9 month time period where these were the only pants I wore. I just didn’t have anything else I liked the fit of that much. They are still among my most worn pants, I have three pairs and am waiting to get another 1-2 when they restock them.

Comfortable, durable, good looking. Hard to ask for more than that in these pants. I’d still have these original ones, but I’ve dropped a few pants sizes since then and I keep rebuying them each time. That’s a good testament. Only issue: cat claws can put a nice run in them, and Outlier hasn’t kept them in stock very well during the Pandemic.

I mentioned Everyday Wear, right?


Original review here, from 2019. A little newer post, but I actually wore out those MACV-1s and bought a new pair. The new pair is just as good. I’ll buy another too. I’ve put so many miles on these boots that I can confidently tell you that there is no more comfortable shoe I have worn than these.

Not just for rucking, or hiking, but like in all aspects. I think the Brown Leather I have now looks better, but I agree they are still not the best looking boots generally. To hell with it, they are stellar to wear!

Buy here.


Original review here, from 2016 and I am writing in the app currently for this post. I could really go on about how good this app is, but instead I can distill it into a couple bullet points for you:

  1. They sometimes ask me what I might like added, I draw blanks.
  2. It’s been years since I even bothered to look at other writing apps because, why would I? Perfection was achieved, I save that time for writing.

Just get it already.


Original review here, from 2018. It’s only gotten better. This app is now state of the art for mobile apps. A custom UI configuration tool in the app, for dynamically re-laying out the entire interface? Shit if someone who worked for me proposed that idea I would ask them to come back to reality — we have timelines and all that.

This is a weather app, and they pulled that off.

Apple can’t even get a custom Home Screen working properly. But oh no, fucking CARROT showed up the entire development world. Kudos. This app is amazing.

Get it.

SureFire E1B Backup

The review is here, from 2018. Hot damn I still love this light. When I need to grab something without thinking about it, this is the light I grab. I have mountains of flashlights. I’d still pare back to just this light if forced on it. So good, so perfect. Small enough you could carry it with you if you want, but large enough to really have a killer output. Really good well rounded light.

Looks brand new still. I keep thinking I should get another just in case the next model ruins this perfection. I’ll wait and roll the dice, also I don’t know what I would do with another.

Buy it.

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