The Best — 2020

Welcome to the best items in 2020.

For the past ten years I have been reviewing and testing all sorts of different gear. In this post, I am distilling down gear by categories and listing the top three items for each category. What is third for me, might be first for you.

*Instead of maintaining the running list I have been doing, I am now going to post yearly lists. This is not a list of only stuff I reviewed this year, this is an ongoing list of things I feel are the best, broken down into categories for easier sorting.*

Each list is ranked, so #1 on each list is what I think you should buy over all others. If a category didn’t yet have three top items, it was excluded.

Lastly, I have personally tried and spent ample time with each item on these items. There are items I might recommended you try instead of something on the list, but if I have not used it, it does not make it to the *Best Of* list.

Warning: there be affiliate links in here.

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